About Us

ARDG (Americas' Resource Development Group) is a merger of the advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs in clean water and wastewater treatment. ARDG has the experience and knowledge needed to fulfill the dream of reclaiming water from contaminated effluent sources. ARDG plans on saving the environment through our technology called Galvanic Agglutination (GAT)
Why Now

Conventional technology has been proven to create contaminants (called pathogens) due to the process of mixing human waste and pharmaceuticals.  This mixing through conventional wastewater treatment incubation has created what is known today as a "Super Pathogen." Meaning they are difficult, if not impossible to be killed by known anti-biotics.  These "super-bugs" become airborne through evaporation into the air we breathe and discharged into the water we drink.

Our Mission
It is our mission to reverse this irresponsible practice through our proven low-cost ARDG process of sterilizing wastewater called Galvanic Agglutination Technology (GAT). This proprietary technology sterilizes wastewater from its source,  clean discharge.

Commercial Objectives

ARDG’s strong commercial initiatives enable the company to engage in a wide range of humanitarian endeavors.  The following projects are potential applications for our GAT System:

· Water Filtration, Purification and Desalination
· Pollution Control (air, ground and water)
· Pollution Clean-Up (rivers, lakes, harbors, bays, oceans, soil & mining)
· Agricultural (crop growth, soil enhancement, non-toxic pesticides)
· Mining (environmentally clean processing, refining and reclamation of mine sites,
  including concentration and processing facilities, using proprietary solvent
  extraction technology)
· Other High & Low Tech Commercial Products, Systems and Services
The world's water is not an infinite resource, it is a finite resource. It is set and will not change, however, the growth of human population will.  It is expected there will be 6 billion people on the planet by 2025 and 9 billion by the year 2050. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the earth's water is saltwater/brackish and 2% is fresh. Of the 2%, all but 0.04% is frozen. Of the 0.04% of fresh water available, over half is contaminated. Meeting these demands will require wise  investment in how we use and reuse our Earth's finite water supply.
Alarming Fact

Our streams, lakes and ground water have become toxic.  This contamination is not limited to third world locations but is found in every industrialized community around the world.  Contaminated water is the greatest threat to mankind to date. More people die from polluted water than from any form of violence, including war.
See Link: UN Report "Sick Water"
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