Galvanic Agglutination Technology (GAT) is the environmentally safe solution to clean water world-wide.

Our GAT System is a high volume, physical / chemical treatment system.  This advanced method exceeds Enironmental Protection Agency (EPA) clean water discharge standards.
The GAT System can be as much as 70% less expensive to build and 60% cheaper to operate than the most commonly used biological-degradation systems and provides a clean water effluent that is pathogen free (void of all bacteria and viruses known to man under a microscope).
The commonly used and more costly biological-degradation system, whose discharges are high in pathogen agents, typically have a cost to build of $50.00 to $250.00 per gallon processed and a cost to operate of $2.60 to $6.50 per 1,000 gallon treated to a bio-degradation discharge (90% of which never meet clean water standards).

In order for municipalities to pay for the conversion of existing wastewater treatment plants to GAT Systems, there exists a built-in funding mechanism.  Budgets for existing outdated wastewater treatment facilities include line items for periodic improvements, unforseen operating expenses and maintenance cost.
The expenditures usually do not require council, board or public approval and can be made readily available for use.  Due to the low cost of our GAT System, these funds are usually sufficient to complete a major conversion of most treatment facilitiies.  Projected cash flows can be achieved earlier by utilizing existing budget line items.
ARDG, formed in the mide 1990's, is the leader of the technological leader in the design of wastewater treatment systems, producing clean water for re-use in commercial, industrial, domestic, agriculture or aquaculture applications.

ARDG represents a coalition of technical and marketing experts who believe that the time is now for GAT Systems to become the standard in the water treatment industry due to its low cost treatment technologies and the enormous need to comply with current clean water standards.
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